Generation Next


Psalm 48

v. 13b, 14 “…that you may tell the next generation that this is God, our God forever and ever. He will guide us forever.”

Every psalm contains much content. Pick a verse or two a day to munch on–that’s meditating. Nothing new agey about that! The Holy Spirit will point out a verse or two if you ask Him. Plus, and this is the biggie–DON”T RUSH! However, none of us have a problem with that. Hah!

Grand parenting perks alert! We get to do the generational “thing.” We keep the memories alive. Scrapbooking diva (!?!) that I am, this purposes my hobby. As my grand babies and I gather around my scrapbooks, we remember those who have gone on before, and Iget to tell the stories of old.

Just so, no even more so–I need to tell them of their Heavenly heritage. Our God guides us forever! My ESV footnote explains further–“He will guide us beyond death.”

Dealing with issues out of your control? Give them today to the One who has ALL control–even beyond death and the grave!

Oh, how that gives me reason anew to….TAKE HEART!


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