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Thanksgiving Psalm 2012


What a year! How far we’ve come!
From January the news of Jay we had
And now he’s healed, here, and
Looking not too bad.

My disorder controlled, almost two years
It’s true.
And for that, I give a great shout of

My children have health.
My grandbabies,too.
They’re my pride and joy–
My greatest blessings through and through.

My family–Oh, Momma!
She’s our number one.
To her we turn for godly counsel
When all’s said and done.

My sister and her fam
For them I give thanks
No only for all the rescuing
But also for gas by the tanks.

My friends You have given me
Both old and new
Encourage, bless, and continue to
Point me to You.

My church-twenty-five years
With Christ on its throne.
The Word’s still alive and kept as
The Chief Cornerstone.

This my Psalm of praise
To You I convey
With head bowed and gratefulness ov’rflowing on
This Thanksgiving day.