I’m Back!!!!!!!!

I’m Back!!!!!!!!

Most of us know that quote said by THE Terminator~Arnold Schwarzenegger (ooh…love that feature that plops his last name in after you get a few letters postedūüėÄ). ( Of course, it also can be maddening when you are trying to text but let’s NOT go there… Being technologically illiterate, all of this hoopla both frightens and surprises. ¬†I just want to write. ¬†I NEED to write. ¬†Now every 50+year-old grammy can make this dream come true with the ¬†help of WordPress.com and an iPad. ¬†Lol.)

I digress. ¬†Tonight I choose to terminate my lifestyle of the past 34 months…almost 3 years!!! ¬†Breaking out of my depression-based dungeon, I choose life.

Why should I write? ¬†Good question. ¬†I hope my posts will give you some answers. ¬†Not that I have all the answers. ¬†Only one Person does. ¬†He gives me reason to write. ¬†He is my reason! ¬†He is my everything! ¬†May this new beginning get me back on track–living to glorify Him.

I hope you noticed my banner: ¬†“take heart ministries”. ¬† Together we can explode the possibilities of “encouraging one another and lifting each other up.” ¬†Are you with me? ¬†Did you catch “explode”? ¬†Yes, explode not just explore because we all explode with possibility!!! ¬†Whether we are 9 or 90. ¬†I must tell you that I am a ninety eight year old living in the body of a fifty-six-year-old woman. ¬†I just found that out on one of those Facebook quizzes. ¬†All my friends were getting these young identities, but, NO, I discovered that I am “an vibrant, energetic ninety eight year old.” ¬†What a downer! ¬†I do look pretty good for THAT age…heehee.

Take heart! ¬†If I, at 98 or 56 or whatever age I am, can start anew, you can, too. ¬†That’s what I’m doing here…exploding possibilities. ¬†Come along for the explosion!

Taking heart anew…me + you…


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  1. I love you. It’s so good to read this. Let’s explode life together. Thanks fir sharing. Jane and I would love to see you.

    • Thanks, Greg!! Will try to see you and Jane soon! Love it that you and Cindy both responded. Are the only ones who have responded. Shows how enduring our friendships really are. Love to you and Jane! Excited to hear what God is doing in your life. Blessed by your faithfulness!

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