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2015 Thanksgiving


imageWhat is it?

“An attitude of gratitude”

Flits across my mind.

“Thanks” living–another catch phrase

Echoes as a new find.


A daily goal

Which each of us should strive

To achieve, to attain

To make us whole.

Count our blessings,

Name them one by one

Is a great place to start

Thankfulness as a byproduct

Will come–never to depart.

My health,

No wealth, but friends galore.

Children, grandchildren, too

My family, my salvation,

Just to name a few.

So, make your list

And it to God  dedicate.

Post His many blessings

Many more than we can ever


For a life lived with thanksgiving

Is a life worth living

Because a grateful heart

Lives life to the fullest

With no misgivings.

“Not thankful if it please us,

As if God’s blessings ┬áhad spare days,

But such a heart

Whose pulse may be

God’s praise.”