2015 Thanksgiving


imageWhat is it?

“An attitude of gratitude”

Flits across my mind.

“Thanks” living–another catch phrase

Echoes as a new find.


A daily goal

Which each of us should strive

To achieve, to attain

To make us whole.

Count our blessings,

Name them one by one

Is a great place to start

Thankfulness as a byproduct

Will come–never to depart.

My health,

No wealth, but friends galore.

Children, grandchildren, too

My family, my salvation,

Just to name a few.

So, make your list

And it to God  dedicate.

Post His many blessings

Many more than we can ever


For a life lived with thanksgiving

Is a life worth living

Because a grateful heart

Lives life to the fullest

With no misgivings.

“Not thankful if it please us,

As if God’s blessings  had spare days,

But such a heart

Whose pulse may be

God’s praise.”







About bga3

50 something, single again, love to study the Word, write, read, travel, scrapbook, stamp, act in community theatre, sing, talk to family and friends, care for grandbabies, fill each day with moments that matter...

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