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50 something, single again, love to study the Word, write, read, travel, scrapbook, stamp, act in community theatre, sing, talk to family and friends, care for grandbabies, fill each day with moments that matter...

2015 Christmas Prayer



The stockings are hung by my chimney with care.

All of my family’s names are written there.

I delight to fill them with goodies galore–

Candy, surprises, and so much more:

A Christmas blessing comes with the stock.

A prayer for peace all worries unlocked.

A prayer for joy all sorrows forgot.

A prayer for love all hatred blocked.

But, most of all, a prayer for Hope

People to Jesus to flock.

He’s the forever gift of Christmas I pray each of you knows

As my Christmas blessing draws to a close

Wrapped by my love bow and tied by our family knot

God made us THIS family; never forget that thought.


2015 Thanksgiving


imageWhat is it?

“An attitude of gratitude”

Flits across my mind.

“Thanks” living–another catch phrase

Echoes as a new find.


A daily goal

Which each of us should strive

To achieve, to attain

To make us whole.

Count our blessings,

Name them one by one

Is a great place to start

Thankfulness as a byproduct

Will come–never to depart.

My health,

No wealth, but friends galore.

Children, grandchildren, too

My family, my salvation,

Just to name a few.

So, make your list

And it to God  dedicate.

Post His many blessings

Many more than we can ever


For a life lived with thanksgiving

Is a life worth living

Because a grateful heart

Lives life to the fullest

With no misgivings.

“Not thankful if it please us,

As if God’s blessings  had spare days,

But such a heart

Whose pulse may be

God’s praise.”






“IT” Girl!


Are you one?  Just this week I discovered this truth:  I am an IT girl.  God has spoken His word to me and to you…1 Thess. 5:24, “I have called you.  I am faithful.  I will surely do it.”  

What is He doing to make me His it girl?

He sanctifies me completely  (1Thess. 5:23) and keeps my whole spirit and soul and body blameless until His coming. Woo hoo!!!

Then just today this promise grabbed me, “Let them know that this is YOUR hand; You, O LORD, have done it.” Psalm 109:27 

It girls get transformed and have the strength to take heart … tonight…and always….

Did you get it?

Brand-new Ending

Brand-new Ending

I have always desired to write and to speak😀 every since I can remember.  Those dreams have just been “the desires of my heart.”  It’s not because I think I am “worthy”!  No way! No how!  This innate desire consumes my heart.

Will you who are joining with me on the “exploding possibilities” journey pray with me and for me to see these dreams realized?

I really appreciate all who responded.  Your encouragement meant much to me as I know I have failed many, many times.  This thought comforts me, ” Though no one can go back and make a brand-new start, ANYONE can start from now and make a brand-new ending.”

What possibilities do YOU need exploded beginning today?  My take-heart friend, please let me know as we   take heart anew….

I’m Back!!!!!!!!

I’m Back!!!!!!!!

Most of us know that quote said by THE Terminator~Arnold Schwarzenegger (ooh…love that feature that plops his last name in after you get a few letters posted😀). ( Of course, it also can be maddening when you are trying to text but let’s NOT go there… Being technologically illiterate, all of this hoopla both frightens and surprises.  I just want to write.  I NEED to write.  Now every 50+year-old grammy can make this dream come true with the  help of and an iPad.  Lol.)

I digress.  Tonight I choose to terminate my lifestyle of the past 34 months…almost 3 years!!!  Breaking out of my depression-based dungeon, I choose life.

Why should I write?  Good question.  I hope my posts will give you some answers.  Not that I have all the answers.  Only one Person does.  He gives me reason to write.  He is my reason!  He is my everything!  May this new beginning get me back on track–living to glorify Him.

I hope you noticed my banner:  “take heart ministries”.   Together we can explode the possibilities of “encouraging one another and lifting each other up.”  Are you with me?  Did you catch “explode”?  Yes, explode not just explore because we all explode with possibility!!!  Whether we are 9 or 90.  I must tell you that I am a ninety eight year old living in the body of a fifty-six-year-old woman.  I just found that out on one of those Facebook quizzes.  All my friends were getting these young identities, but, NO, I discovered that I am “an vibrant, energetic ninety eight year old.”  What a downer!  I do look pretty good for THAT age…heehee.

Take heart!  If I, at 98 or 56 or whatever age I am, can start anew, you can, too.  That’s what I’m doing here…exploding possibilities.  Come along for the explosion!

Taking heart anew…me + you…

Thanksgiving Psalm 2012


What a year! How far we’ve come!
From January the news of Jay we had
And now he’s healed, here, and
Looking not too bad.

My disorder controlled, almost two years
It’s true.
And for that, I give a great shout of

My children have health.
My grandbabies,too.
They’re my pride and joy–
My greatest blessings through and through.

My family–Oh, Momma!
She’s our number one.
To her we turn for godly counsel
When all’s said and done.

My sister and her fam
For them I give thanks
No only for all the rescuing
But also for gas by the tanks.

My friends You have given me
Both old and new
Encourage, bless, and continue to
Point me to You.

My church-twenty-five years
With Christ on its throne.
The Word’s still alive and kept as
The Chief Cornerstone.

This my Psalm of praise
To You I convey
With head bowed and gratefulness ov’rflowing on
This Thanksgiving day.


Generation Next


Psalm 48

v. 13b, 14 “…that you may tell the next generation that this is God, our God forever and ever. He will guide us forever.”

Every psalm contains much content. Pick a verse or two a day to munch on–that’s meditating. Nothing new agey about that! The Holy Spirit will point out a verse or two if you ask Him. Plus, and this is the biggie–DON”T RUSH! However, none of us have a problem with that. Hah!

Grand parenting perks alert! We get to do the generational “thing.” We keep the memories alive. Scrapbooking diva (!?!) that I am, this purposes my hobby. As my grand babies and I gather around my scrapbooks, we remember those who have gone on before, and Iget to tell the stories of old.

Just so, no even more so–I need to tell them of their Heavenly heritage. Our God guides us forever! My ESV footnote explains further–“He will guide us beyond death.”

Dealing with issues out of your control? Give them today to the One who has ALL control–even beyond death and the grave!

Oh, how that gives me reason anew to….TAKE HEART!