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Steadfast Love


Bible  Reading: Ps. 119:121-128

Vs. 124. “Deal with Your servant according to your steadfast love, and teach me Your statues.”

Just writing the words “steadfast love” blankets my being with comfort.  My Savior’s love for me never decreases either.  Nothing I do lessens it neither.  It never changes.

All may change.

But Jesus


Glory to His Name.”

Steadfast.  Amazingly, God deals with me out of that steadfast love.  Yesterday, a friend posted on Facebook this quote from Oswald Chambers:

“Faith is deliberate confidence in the character of God whose ways you may not understand at the time.”

God deals with me, His servant, according to that love.  The Psalmist only pauses here.  After the comma, he asks the Lord for teaching from His statues. That’s exactly how my Lord teaches me if I’m ripe for teaching.  He has teachable moments ready all day long.  My part is to be on the lookout for those moments and to  choose “deliberate confidence in the character of God whose ways I might not understand at the time.”  Sitting in Idaho with a ninety-year-old, I want to balk,bawl, and bolt.  Elder care demands selflessness.  What lessons do you have for me here,God?  Let me have a teachable spirit.

With a Heart 4 You,


Psalm 119:34


Wonder Anew!


Bible reading passage:  Psalm 119:81-88 


In the Old Testament there was no assurance of salvation as we have now.  Yesh.  Wouldn’t that be horrible?  And yet, I often have a stale salvation.  My jump-for-joyness gets tramplet by the dailyness of life.  Realizing life cannot be lived on the mountaintop, I still want my salvation to be more than a once-upon-a time event.  I want it to be a daily cause for celebration and wonder.

When I do that each day, as I “hope in His Word” what wondrous things I find: squeezing hugs from little guys that take my breath away, happy calls from cherished friends with answered prayers, and sweet slumber on pillows of promise.

That’s wonder anew!



Dull-drum salvation


Psalm 119:81

“My soul longs for Your salvation; I hope in Your Word.” (ESV)




No followers now.

The Savior

Sweats bloodied agony


No one can wait up with Him.

It’s all He asks.

But they leave Him


“Father,let this cup pass from Me…

Nevertheless, not My will, but Yours

Be done.”

Alone He faces the crowds,

Alone He hears the jeers,

Alone He bears the sins of the world.

Scourged. Rejected. Beaten.

Reviled. Plucked. Enthorned.

Much later He cries victoriously,

“It. Is. Finished!”

His followers weep over

His death moaning, “We are


Blackness. Sadness. Hopelessness.

A tomb. A stone.


Each mourner grieves

Until the women realize Jesus

Hadn’t been properly prepared

For burial.  They gather to

Go to the tomb and find

The burial clothes


The body gone!

“Stolen!” They shrill!

“Where is our Lord’s body?” They shriek.

Fleeing they leave Mary


She sees a man, a gardener, she presumes.  To him, she queries,

“Where have they taken My Lord?”

He knows her.  Sees her.  Accepts her.


His voice washes her soul.

New life ignites

As Jesus reveals Himself

First to her


CELEBRATING MARTY! Dedicated to Marty Meyer 1951-2012


Marty’s house rung with laughter, children’s voices, and joy.

I never knew how it would be decorated–

Where they would live

Or even if they would have

A house, as they lived in

Tornado Alley, Green Acres, Illinois.

Marty helped me rear my children

As I substitute taught.

They loved going to her house.

She even kept them when

All three had the chicken pox.

Her home was a home to many–

A stranger it never knew.

That was just Marty

Being Marty, an incredible being

Through and through.

For, after all, when our lives are celebrated,

Can there be any higher accolade known,

Than to say, “She was my friend.

She loved me, and through her influence,

My life has grown.”?

That’s my friend, Marty.

I love her.

I miss her.

She lives on in my heart.

Too soon I’ll be at the pearly gates,

And just around the bend–

I’ll catch up with Marty, my forever friend…

bga 1/27/12

From Woeful to Joyful


“Fairest Lord Jesus/Ruler of all nature,/O Thou of God and man the Son,/ Thee will I cherish,Thee will I honor,/ Thou, my soul’s glory, joy and crown.

Fair are the meadows, fairer still the woodlands,/Robed in the blooming garb of spring/Jesus is fairer, Jesus is purer,/Who makes the woeful heart to sing.”

How blessed I am that I was reared in a church and continue to attend a church where the great hymns of the faith are sung!  Today celebrate spring by belting out the above song.  No heart can be woeful but must become joyful when such words peal forth.  You, like me, will “take heart” as you enjoy the “blooming garb of spring” bursting out all around.



About.  Introducing me~Bridgette~lover of hearts and most of all God.  This blog purposes to encourage.  Please let me know if it does…or if it does not.  I need the encouragement and the criticism,too, as I am learning to blog and to develop a following.   My life-long writing dream streams into reality here…today…now!  Welcome and join me as we “take heart!”

Introducing…Take Heart!


Hello Brave New World!

I enter the arena of Word Press which should make my blogs much more accessible~scary!  Also, the “Happy Heart” focus of my google blog has become more outward focused.  Take Heart Ministries has evolved.  In Matthew 9:22 Jesus spoke to the woman who had suffered for twelve years with a blood issue.  “Take heart, Daughter, your faith has made you whole.”

That passage resonates my whole being!  Take heart!  Be encouraged…Daughter!  Don’t you love it that He called her Daughter?  She just wasn’t some woman in the crowd.  Neither are we just a nameless, faceless lost-in-the-mad-shuffle-of-life woman.  Take heart!  Remember who you are!  A  daughter of the King!  A chosen possession!  Oh, My Beloved, may I be a joy to You today!