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I’m Back!!!!!!!!

I’m Back!!!!!!!!

Most of us know that quote said by THE Terminator~Arnold Schwarzenegger (ooh…love that feature that plops his last name in after you get a few letters postedūüėÄ). ( Of course, it also can be maddening when you are trying to text but let’s NOT go there… Being technologically illiterate, all of this hoopla both frightens and surprises. ¬†I just want to write. ¬†I NEED to write. ¬†Now every 50+year-old grammy can make this dream come true with the ¬†help of WordPress.com and an iPad. ¬†Lol.)

I digress. ¬†Tonight I choose to terminate my lifestyle of the past 34 months…almost 3 years!!! ¬†Breaking out of my depression-based dungeon, I choose life.

Why should I write? ¬†Good question. ¬†I hope my posts will give you some answers. ¬†Not that I have all the answers. ¬†Only one Person does. ¬†He gives me reason to write. ¬†He is my reason! ¬†He is my everything! ¬†May this new beginning get me back on track–living to glorify Him.

I hope you noticed my banner: ¬†“take heart ministries”. ¬† Together we can explode the possibilities of “encouraging one another and lifting each other up.” ¬†Are you with me? ¬†Did you catch “explode”? ¬†Yes, explode not just explore because we all explode with possibility!!! ¬†Whether we are 9 or 90. ¬†I must tell you that I am a ninety eight year old living in the body of a fifty-six-year-old woman. ¬†I just found that out on one of those Facebook quizzes. ¬†All my friends were getting these young identities, but, NO, I discovered that I am “an vibrant, energetic ninety eight year old.” ¬†What a downer! ¬†I do look pretty good for THAT age…heehee.

Take heart! ¬†If I, at 98 or 56 or whatever age I am, can start anew, you can, too. ¬†That’s what I’m doing here…exploding possibilities. ¬†Come along for the explosion!

Taking heart anew…me + you…